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Case Studies

New York Propane Gas Association        

Propane Motor Vehicle Workshop                 

The New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA) Executive Committee had been considering highlighting propane motor fuel options for some time. It was a difficult decision, with limited budgets, multiple member concerns, and statewide logistics of members coming from Buffalo to Long Island. Clean Fuels Consulting met with the EC in late 2008, and explained the numerous similar fuels workshops and conferences it had helped put together. Further, it supplied detailed project budgets, for both a downstate, and an upstate event, including venue costs, food lists and often forgotten “ancillary” costs such as audio visual and service add-ons that can come as an ugly surprise later. Having recently conducted a similar event for a major petroleum equipment producer, Clean Fuels Consulting was well prepared on where, when and how to carry out such an event, as well as who to invite to leverage the association’s members. A short list of potential national level expert speakers was generated, along with optional places to hold the workshop. Armed with all the information, the NYPGA conferred and a few months later decided to go ahead with the event.

Held in September 2009 in Henrietta, New York, a few days before the association’s annual meeting in Syracuse, national experts spoke to the crowd of propane marketers, equipment providers, design and installation firms, engineers, and fleet personnel. A state-of-the-art selection of propane vehicles was made available for a ride and drive after the technical session. People came from all over New York State and Central Pennsylvania for the occasion, and CFC followed up a day later with a full summary presentation at the annual meeting. Attendees learned about existing propane fleets in their own backyard, which vehicles were available, the costs of vehicles and fueling stations, and where to look for funds to assist.

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