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Project Development

Incorporating clean fuels into a fleet is a process, on-going over time.  The results of a Green Fleet Study will allow your organization to proceed— with ordering vehicles, setting procurement goals, using cleaner fuels—but over time factors change, budgets get cut, leadership evolves.  Clean Fuels Consulting has the management experience to assist you along the way, in developing a fueling strategy, finding fuel distributors, incorporating protective clauses into your procurement policies, and numerous other services.

What is Project Development?

Project development refers to the specific planning and actions that are taken over time that make the actual green changes to your fleet.  Clean Fuels Consulting can be hired to help your fleet with all of the following:

  • If you require new infrastructure, we help you allocate resources to position you for greater success.  Application of internal funds towards vehicles or infrastructure may help you gain access to additional external funding in the future.  You may choose to start out with a few green vehicles now, then expand the fleet over a number of years.  We provide experience and advice on how to do this. 
  • You may be looking for partners for an inter-municipal agreement to expand clean fuel use around a metro region.  We help you negotiate with potential partners and avoid pitfalls that can de-rail your efforts. 
  • Perhaps you are using some alternative fuels now, but want to have a more balanced approach with asset allocations to other fuels.  We help you apportion your efforts to protect you against price volatility and technological changes, avoiding the fuel de jour mistakes that others have experienced. 
  • If nearby fleets have committed to a specific fuel, will that be right for your fleet in the long-run, and do you need your own station?  If new infrastructure is needed, we assist your project architect or engineer to ensure that the proper provisions have been included in your specification and bid sheet pertinent to alternative fuel. 
  • Has new legislation been passed that affects your alternative fuel fleet efforts?  We can assist in interpreting how this affects you, and provide back-up information for your finance department on how to capitalize on potential benefits and tax credits, even if your organization is a non-taxable entity.

The end result is a fleet that meets and exceeds the expectations of your superiors, staff and customers.