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Grant Funding

The world of grants can seem overwhelming to busy fleet professionals. Finding the right grant funding opportunity for the right client is something Clean Fuels Consulting has been doing since its inception, and has been the foundation of the company. 

Many misconceptions exist about grants, including when they are applicable to a specific project, how they are obtained, and how they are administered.  Grants are not a panacea, and should never be applied for unless the grant request specifically matches the client need.  In reality, however, that rule is often ignored: a grant applicant can get away with “fitting” the application to the grant opportunity, in the hopes that after the grant is awarded, the real differences can be worked out later.  Though this can be a successful approach, it is the worst way to approach a grant opportunity, and often leads to failed projects.

Clean Fuels Consulting can provide advice on pertinent funding programs in your area, based upon the findings of a green fleet study.  First we study what your needs are, and help your organization refine its ultimate green fleet objectives. Once you decide which clean fuel and vehicles you wish to use, Clean Fuels Consulting will review recent grant funding programs in your area, and provide you with information on what types of things the grant program funds, and how it is applicable to your fleet and organization. 

You may wish to write the grant in-house, or hire our firm to assist you.  We’ll give you a fair and honest assessment of whether any grant programs apply to your situation.  Clean Fuels Consulting prepares a limited number of grants per year, and strives to assist those that have the greatest merit, best fitting with the grant opportunity.  The art of our grant writing is to make your organization’s attributes and objectives clear to the technical committee reviewing your application. Use of clear and accurate budget information, compelling descriptions of your program, and definition of outcomes all contribute to our long track record of success.