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Fleet Evaluation

Determining what you are doing right, and what you can easily add to your fleet’s routine operations, goes a long way on that road to greening.  A fleet evaluation helps to lay out a foundation for your fleet, and set organizational goals for ways to increase your green profile. The fleet evaluation is designed based upon your fleet’s unique characteristics and what you want to accomplish.  If you have already made important changes, Clean Fuels Consulting can help you burnish your green profile, and take you to that next level of decreasing petroleum dependence and reducing tailpipe emissions.  Our firm is familiar with the most successful fleets in the United States, and has the resources to assist you in reaching that level of success.

We can help your organization incorporate use of clean fuels into your fleet based upon your fueling patterns, and plan for either off-site fueling at available fueling sites, or assist you in planning for your own infrastructure.  Often, adding new infrastructure is not necessary, especially in the beginning of a clean fuel program.  Our firm specializes in forming fueling partnerships and consortiums which maximize fuel throughput, and assists private station owners in making a profit when bringing in new systems.  Our goal is to help leverage existing fueling, and when new stations are needed, to find the best place to locate them so that they are well-planned and well-used.

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