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Why Green the Fleet?

There are a lot of reasons NOT to green your fleet: It’s easier to keep doing things the same way they’ve always been done… It’s always worked in the past, so why change…? Change is threatening… Change can be expensive… New technologies may not be dependable… That might work somewhere else, but not here... The technicians won’t want to work on new tools … Even if they do, they’ll need retraining and new equipment.

We at Clean Fuels Consulting have heard it all… But we also know a lot of compelling reasons why you should green your fleet—many of which we’ve learned from you.

  • Your fleet fuel budget was blown wide open in past years
  • You don’t know how to plan for the future in a volatile fuel market
  • Your environmentally-friendly clients will only do business with green fleets
  • Your boss (mayor/city council/board of directors) wants to know your plan to green the fleet now!
  • Other fleets are getting grant money; why not you?
  • You’re under a mandate to increase your use of alternative fuels and/or reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • You’re due to replace fleet vehicles and you don’t know what your best choices are, or even what’s available
  • Other fleets in your non-attainment area are way ahead of you

Or, are you that rare individual who wants to green your fleet because it’s the right thing to do, for our country, for our kids’ futures, and for the planet?  Whatever your reason, Clean Fuels Consulting is committed to helping your municipal or private fleet define clean fuel goals, and select the best strategies and technologies to achieve those goals.

The benefits of having Clean Fuels Consulting assist your organization are many. 

  • Since clean fuel and vehicle technology is the firm’s main emphasis, our staff has answers at the ready for your numerous questions about alternative fuels and vehicles.  Other consultants and engineering firms do not have the technical expertise to address the intricacies of bringing these specialized services to you. 
  • We help untangle the confusing and often conflicting information that fleet managers experience when learning about alternative fuels.  Many vendors will seek to have you choose their “magic bullet” technology, which may or not be the best fit for your fleet.
  • We help you determine which alternative fuel or alternative power vehicles will be the best fit for your fleet’s applications. You may get the best benefit from a hybrid in one application and a flex-fuel vehicle in another—we’ll show you what your best options are, based on your unique needs, your budget and the availability of affordable alternative fuels in your operating area.
  • As a fuel neutral consulting firm, Clean Fuels Consulting will present your organization with the most honest assessment of which fuel choices are right for your fleet’s “green profile.”  We will tell you what the costs associated with various technologies should be, and how much infrastructure improvements will cost. 

We have the track record and resources to prove our capability, and we have many satisfied clients who will be happy to share their success stories with you. You’re not the first fleet manager to go down this road—why go it alone?