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Greening Your Fleet Studies: Comprehensive study of your current fleet makeup,  fueling characteristics, duty cycles and work applications, operations and maintenance practices, combined with an analysis of existing regional alternative fuel resources and clean air considerations. Clean Fuels Consulting will find the most cost-effective ways to incorporate alternative fuels & vehicles into your existing fleet, and help you expand your green profile going forward.  These reports are referred to as Feasibility Studies or Fleet Evaluations. 

Clean Fuel Studies: Analyzing annual fuel usage, existing or potential in-house fueling, fueling patterns, and determining the easiest way to bring in clean fuel options.

Creating a Policy for Your Department: Looking at organizational considerations, fleet vehicle makeup and options for increasing alternative fuel usage to create an internal guide for developing a green fleet.

Vehicle Options: How to use alternative fuels in your existing fleet and incorporate new clean fuel vehicle procurement practices.

Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Strategies: Cleaning up older vehicles and setting a road map for acquiring new vehicles, incorporating alternative fuel use, idle reduction technologies and telemetric asset management systems.

Light-Duty Fleet Composition: Breaking down the light-duty fleet segment by department allocations, work application and proximity to alternative fuel sources, and planning future vehicle replacement and infrastructure development.

Incorporating Hybrids: Determining whether applications exist within the fleet that take advantage of hybrids’ unique attributes, and what incentives are available.

How to Use Biofuels: Looks at local availability of biofuels and future trends; assists in finding supply sources, and cost evaluation of the fuel. Explains misinterpretations about biofuel sustainability, performance and handling characteristics.

Project Development: The hardest part of any alternative fuel project is determining what really suits the organization, and what that organization can realistically afford to do.  We can bring you together with others in your region who have gone down this road, assist in finding project partners and local assistance from Clean Cities and local sources, and present a set of options with which you can use to move towards “greening your fleet”.

Electric Vehicles and Changing Stations: How your organization can dramatically decrease its carbon footprint with deployment of EV/EVSE and meet greenhouse gas reduction goals. Evaluating optimal locations for vehicle charging.

Infrastructure Development Consulting: Assists with defining the scope of work for your fueling facility, providing engineers and contractors estimates, determining potential utility needs, and setting the groundwork to bring your project to bid.

Saving Money and Clean Air Benefits: Finding alternative fuel applications which take advantage of existing and potential fuel supplies and infrastructure, identification of potential fuel distributors, and emissions reductions from use of clean fuels

Green Shop Reviews: Analyzing materials usage and disposal patterns, energy efficiency of shop heating and cooling systems, and operational activities in order to increase recycling opportunities, save precious operating budget dollars and create a better working environment

Green Maintenance Recommendations: Leverage green fleet best practices to reduce maintenance costs and extend vehicle service life

Procurement and Bidding: Advice on obtaining optimum pricing for alt fuels, specification clauses pertinent to alternative fuels, bidding considerations for fuel contracts, and cost effective approaches to developing new infrastructure

Navigating Alternative Fuel Tax Credits for Both Taxable and Non-Taxable Organizations: Provide and explain tax forms for capturing infrastructure and fuel tax credits for new vehicles, fueling facilities, and fuel suppliers- even if you are a non-taxable entity!

Public Relations/Press Releases/Websites: Generate specialized content to bring your fleet project or technical service the notice it deserves.  With a strong knowledge of the alt fuel field’s technical components, we offer the ability to reach the market and audience most applicable for your organization.